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Foreign Trade Specialists and Consultants

Trade Pacific can provide a variety of consulting services to make your foreign trade experience easy and profitable. Talking to someone experienced can help you to understand the best way to accomplish your business goals in the new environment. We can help position your company to make the best use of the opportunities available in the Asian marketplace.


Consulting Services: Manuals and Packaging

Products entering a foreign market area must present a good appearance if they wish to compete against established brands. Poor translation or improper packaging can often interfere with sales. Trade Pacific Import Export Co. Ltd. team can provide appropriate translations into the required language for your instruction manuals, operating instructions or package advertising. Our designers can assist you with a state-of- the-art presentation for your products, allowing them to be sold for the best possible price.

If your products are designed to be marketed in the West, they will sell better with a proper translation and package design appropriate to the market they are destined for. Many items may fetch a higher price if they are correctly presented.


Consulting Services: Marketing


Trade Pacific can act as a consultant to your firm to develop market penetration strategies or other types of market development plans. A little careful planning can save a lot of money, and make the difference between a small success and a dramatically lucrative one. Having someone in your corner who is experienced and knows the ground rules and the players is essential to protect your interests and maximize your profits.


Consulting Services: Translations

Trade Pacific staff can arrange translations of even complex documents, including technical specifications, legal contracts and manuals and instruction sheets. Facilitating communication between businesses with different native languages is part of our mission statement. Where additional expertise is required, it is easily available to us.


Consulting Services: Authorizations

Trade Pacific trained team will assist with any governmental clearances required for the success of your venture. Trade Pacific staff are well connected, and can confidently approach key players that might be inaccessible to unknown companies. Trade Pacific has a strong record of integrity and smooth easy arrangements for required authorizations.

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