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Import Overview

When it is time to buy quality products at rock-bottom prices, its time to turn to Trade Pacific Import Export Co. Ltd.. Sourcing products has never been easier, and it is always a pleasure to do business with friendliness and integrity. Benefits of buying products through Trade Pacific include:

Multilingual On-Site Personnel

Trade Pacific’s on-site personnel are available to supervise your buying needs. Items can be personally selected to match your requirements and technical specifications. Trade Pacific PRC staff are fluent in English as well as Mandarin and many local dialects. Technical expertise in a variety of fields is available as required.

Quality Control Assurance

When buying from a manufacturer you are not familiar with, a primary concern is to make sure you are getting what you order. The more hi-tech the product, the lower the tolerance for error, and the more critical quality control becomes. But taking advantage of the lower prices in Asia does not mean you have to sacrifice great quality.

Native-speaking Trade Pacific staff can protect your investment by going direct to the manufacturer on your behalf to place the orders. Quality control demands can be clearly specified to the manufacturer, and orders can be inspected before shipment to ensure compliance with your requirements. Using this system, even products with the most exacting technical specifications can be safely imported. You can take advantage of our low prices with confidence!

Established Shipping and Export Associates

Inland China crating and shipping and can be a huge factor in the final price of goods imported from the orient. Trade Pacific staff can arrange shipping to the closest port through their associates at preferential rates. Our staff will insure items are packed to your specifications to minimize damage in shipment.

Another often-overlooked factor in landed costs is export authorizations. This can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition to someone who doesn’t know the rules and the right people. Get an edge on your competitors by purchasing products cleared through the appropriate channels at minimal cost by the experienced staff at Trade Pacific Import Export Co. Ltd.. Why wait for clearance from someone who doesn’t know the ropes?


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